A few hours in Morocco is what did this to us…by “this” I refer to the catching of the travel bug, and an addiction, or need, to interact with different cultures and collect their crafts…to bring home a little piece of our travels to help de-stress our own more complicated lives in Brooklyn.

It was on this trip that the universe began to lay the groundwork for our future.

The turning point in our lives came in Turkey, and I’ve come to believe that Istanbul truly is the city of dreams (where everything you ask of it, the universe grants).

Once in Istanbul, again looking at rugs, we began to think, “we can do this” and started to ask dealers how we could work together.  We began to ask the universe for more.  Before we could sell rugs, we needed more information, a history, some sort of educational base to start from.  Mustafa, of Elegance Carpet, took us under his wing.  He could see that we were not just interested in a one time purchase.  Six hours, and 12 cups of tea later, he re-opened his doors to the public.  We had just received our very first lesson in rugs (antique and new), the processes to create them, the materials used in the process, the dyes (natural and synthetic) and how they effected the materials, the history, and more.  We were hooked.  We came home with 3 more rugs, and a promise to return to Istanbul 1 year later, ready to do business.

Out of these experiences, Rare Beautiful Things was born.

RBT’s mission is to bring a slice of the unusual to the usual.  Items, brought from one place to another, to create spaces that convey worldly knowledge, and acceptance of variation, through cultural goods.
We live to learn, to travel, and to enjoy the world around us.  We want you to do the same, and enjoy the goods of those cultures which we so deeply respect.

Visit Rare Beautiful Things here:


About katrinamauro

Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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