Yamsterdam Apartments – Amsterdam

If you’re not really into the hostel thing, are traveling with a group of people, and will be in Amsterdam for 3 or more nights, you might consider looking into Yamsterdam Apartments.  Their services may provide you a cheaper alternative to hotel lodging in the city.  They take reservations with a credit card, but do not charge it.  You must pay in cash upon arrival, and leave a 20 Euro deposit for your key.  *Remember to bring your receipt with you upon returning the key to receive a refund on your deposit.  The main office is facing Amsterdam Central Station at Prinshendrikkade 48-H, very convenient if you’ve come into and going out of town via train.

Yamsterdam has a number of studio to 4 person private apartments available to rent.  The benefits of being in an apartment as opposed to a hotel are having more space, more privacy, and a kitchen available for your cooking needs.

The apartment that we stayed in was across from the flower market on Vuzelstraat, sat next to a movie theater, and was close to Rembrandtplein where you can find a number of clubs, coffee shops, and bars (including Club Smokey and Prime).  It was about a 10-15 minute walk to both the red light district and the Van Gogh Museum.  Located on a main intersection, the tram was easily available.  Also, it was just a short walk to take a canal cruise tour.

This apartment was on the fourth floor of a walk-up, with your traditional European style small spiral staircase to climb.  Once you’ve gotten your luggage up, you have ample space available.  There was one bedroom in the back with two single beds, which had to be passed through to use the shower (The toilet was accessible without passing through the back bedroom).  The living space doubled as the second room.  In it there were two single beds (a third was available against the wall in the corner), a couch, and a table.  Adjoining the living area and the back bedroom was the kitchen area with convection oven, stove, and fridge.  There was a TV in each room, the one in the main living area had a cable box, whereas the one in the back bedroom had a DVD player.  Free wireless internet was available via an outside source in the area, the signal was pretty weak, and as such the connection was not very reliable.

The luxury’s that you find in a hotel, you do not find in these apartment rentals.  The room had one small towel per person, there was not enough toilet paper for our entire stay, we were provided one key for four people (you can probably ask for more, just remember that you will have to leave a deposit for each key), the door had to be locked from the inside with the key, the buzzer to the apartment was broken (and as we were on the fourth floor of a walk-up knocking on the window was not an option), also there were no clocks or a telephone (and no wake-up calls).  However, if you aren’t looking for luxury, just comfort, location, and affordability, this is a great option!  Just prepare by bringing an alarm clock and extra towel, pickup a roll of toilet paper if you need to, and ask for an extra key…with those few things, you are set with Yamsterdam.

The company also provides longer lease services.  Please see their website for more info:


for booking with easytobook.com:



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