Propeller Island City Lodge – West Berlin, Germany

From the moment we walked in the door, I loved this place!  Upon arrival I was greeted by Valentina, who is usually the one manning the desk, and is possibly the most helpful hotel manager you will ever meet.  I often expect people to give me all of the information that I need without my asking, and Valentina surpassed my expectations on that level.  Everything I could possibly wonder about the hotel, the area, the trains, attractions, taxis, busses, laundry, food, etc…Valentina answered, without my asking.

Each of the rooms in this exceptional hotel were created by a different designer or architect, with their own unique theme.  In each room, there is also a remote from which you can control sound sculptures that provide a unique ambiance (frogs are the last channel in every room).  The front desk is generally only open until 12:00 noon, unless you have made other arrangements with them regarding a later arrival time.   None of the rooms have a fridge in them, so the minibar is located in the lobby, and works off an honor system (if you take something, you tell the desk when you check out).  There is also a communal balcony available for all guests to use.

The hotel is located just a few blocks from the Charlottenburg Station on the overground train line (or S Bahn) in West Berlin, only a few train stops from the well known Berlin Zoo.  There are plenty of shops and eateries around the hotel, as well as 2 laundromats within a few block radius.  You will be glad to be near the train, as most of the attractions you will probably go to in Berlin will be closer to the center of the city.

During our stay, Damany and I were able to get a taste for two different rooms.  Our first night in the hotel we opted for the “Four Beams” room.  This intense room features a bed hanging from four architectural beams that protrude from the floor in the middle of the room.  While it seems like the bed would swing or move, the reality is that it doesn’t.  The ties and steel cables are extremely stable, and the bed does not budge in the slightest.  There are 2 chairs located underneath the bed, but no table in the space.  This room does has it’s own private bathroom with shower (not all of the rooms here have this luxury).  The awkward part of this room, for Damany and I, was that the bed was in the center of the room, taking up almost all of the space.  With no closet or table we felt as though we had no where to put anything, and laughably continued walking in circles around the bed to get to anything in the room.  Also, being someone who gets up often in the middle of the night, climbing up and down the ladder is not ideal.  For these reasons, we asked to switch for the remainder of our stay.

The second room we had the pleasure of enjoying was the “Temple” room.  Light and airy and open, this room has a peaceful presence that makes your soul want to melt into the space the moment you walk in (or at least mine did).  The bed here is platformed on a wooden temple-like structure, across from which sits an oriental style table with bench.  With a closet to hide your bags in, the room stays open and airy feeling throughout your stay (I hate that stressful feeling when you walk in your room and everything is strewn about haphazardly).  The walls of the space are rough in texture and color (cement painted whites and creams), and natural sisal covers the floor.  This room also has a private bath (with stand up shower), which is open and integrated with the rest of the room.  Overall, the Temple has a perfectly peaceful tone, ideal for relaxing.

Our friends, Jay and Chi Chi, stayed in the “Hollywood” room…which happened to be just the perfect fit for their personalities, playful and fun.  If you want to be entertained by a room, this is probably the one for it.  Rather than describing this room, may I suggest that you watch this short video by Jason Scheurich and Chi Chi Chiola to get the full fun effect.

Rooms at the awesome Propeller Island City Lodge are also available to rent for photo shoots and video.  Please see their website for more information or to book:


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