Pizzerie Václavka – Prague, Czech Republic

Pizzerie Václavka happened to be the closest place to eat next to the apartment we had rented through Stan the man, but was quite delicious.  Good enough that we went back for more pizza twice in our 3 nights in Prague.  The vegetable soup I tried was hearty, and not too salty (how I prefer it), and the pizza was really good too, despite some minor initial confusion.

In America, pepperoni is type of spicy sliced sausage.  In the Czech Republic, pepperoni is spicy red peppers.  That being said, pepperoni pizza is a vegetarian pizza, and has no meat on it.  What we expected didn’t really matter once we tried the pizza though.  To be honest, being someone who was never a big fan of pepperoni, I preferred the Czech version to the classic American pepperoni pizza.  But that’s just my opinion.  It was yummy, but if you want meat, don’t order it is the moral here.

Václavka is located in the courtyard area of an apartment/hotel complex, providing a private/cozy feel.  We sat at an outdoor table here for hours after our meal, laughing and talking, drinking and enjoying the company of others.  Pizza, Beer, shots, and coffee to end.  Twas a night of simple enjoyment.

Václavské náměstí 799/48
110 00 Prague 5-Nové Město, Czech Republic
222 210 697

website: http://vaclavka.eu/


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Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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