Wombat Restaurant & Bar – East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“It doesn’t really even look like it’s open,” Alissa said as I drove back and forth looking for a sign that read Wombat. Nestled quietly in with the many storefronts on Grand street, the non-descript and somewhat dark storefront might make one miss this hidden gem altogether.  I passed it a few times before I actually realized there was a door there, and it did have a sign over it.

Living in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, there are many wonderful restaurants to eat at, and numbers of great brunch spots.  Problem is, everyone knows about the good ones, so you can expect to wait to get a seat for brunch on weekends.  Wombat, however, located in the less popular East Williamsburg, escapes this madness (for now).

Alissa had been telling me about this place for a while, specifically bragging about their brunch, and more specifically the duck hash.  Wombat’s brunch menu boasts items which are just as original and amazingly tasty as any of the more well known spots that are always packed.  For me, this means frequent it now before the floods of people find out about it.  The duck hash was awesome, served with poached eggs, potato, and salad.  I also tried the bisciuts and gravy (something I’ve always been a sucker for).  Also amazing.  Each item on the brunch menu costs $11 and comes with a bloody mary or mimosa.

While there for brunch, I couldn’t help but notice a number of items on the dinner menu that I wanted to try.  So, I admit, I went back and picked up dinner too.  That night.  The Tetley-tea marinated hanger steak was AMAZING, even the spinach that came with it was cooked to perfection (I rarely like cooked spinach as it is usually too soggy).  The lobster ravioli was tasty too, but it was definitely the hanger steak that stole my heart.

On top of their wonderful menu, and delicious flavors, I learned something that will probably have me coming back to Wombat regularly for some time.  $1 oyster Mondays, and $13 (1 lb) whole lobster Tuesdays.  Yes, it’s real, $13 lobster…I double checked.

Before hoards of hipsters take it over, do brunch one weekend:

Wombat Restaurant & Bar

613 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY 11211-4801
(718) 218-7077



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Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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One Response to Wombat Restaurant & Bar – East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  1. katrinamauro says:

    Sad to say that Wombat has closed their doors for good, so now it really looks like it’s not open because it isn’t. So sad.

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