Kobe: Prague, Czech Republic

Located just next to the Ambassador Hotel, Kobe steak, grill, and sushi restaurant is definitely an eatery not to miss on your travels.  I ate there alone on my last night in Prague, as my friends went out to party and I, being the old lady that I am, just wasn’t into it that night.

Of course I ordered the Kobe beef, with cognac sauce, and a miso soup and edamame to accompany it.  The steak cost about $60 (which I felt like was fair for Kobe beef), and was absolutely amazing…cooked to perfection really.  I found the choices of sauces slightly unusual for an Asian restaurant, and probably still expected an Asian flavor twist to the one I chose.  The cognac sauce, while not what I expected, was the perfect match to the slightly rare steak (which really was the perfect size for one).  It was dry and subtle, and a bit on the glazey/gooey side without being sweet or floury.  I wouldn’t mind having a bottle of that stuff at home actually.

Kobe also had an interesting drink menu, with unique mixed non-alcoholic beverages.  I was immediately addicted to the “Zen Ginger”, and sat there for a while after I was finished eating, throwing them down like an alcoholic throws back shots.  Who knew such simple ingredients (ginger ale, green tea, and slices of fresh ginger root) could be so amazing?

The dimly lit interior was impressively cozy, and the sound of the live music helped to melt me into my seat with Zen Gingers for some hours.  However, I think the best part of this restaurant is possibly the service.  Being American, I am used to a service system set up to seat as many people as possible, and move them in and out of their seats as quickly as possible.  Comfort is compromised so that customers are not inclined to linger.  That being said, most of my time spent in Europe I have been a bit bothered by the fact that once your order has been taken, and food served, you are forgotten.  If you want something additional, or your check for that matter, it’s like a hunting game…and then you feel like the rude American if you signal inappropriately or voice your need to the waiter too loudly.  Kobe, however, was probably the most amazingly attentive service I have EVER experienced in Europe.  My food came out super quickly, and every time I looked up my waiter was looking at me, ready when I needed another Zen Ginger.  For this I tipped him generously, and if his name were not something too complicated to remember, pronounce, or even consider how to spell, it would be here, I assure you.  He was that good.

Great steak, unique drinks, best service in all of Europe…I promise, you want to go here.

Kobe Restaurant

Václavské náměstí 11
110 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic
224 267 248



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