Spice: New York, NY

While I’ve never actually eaten here, Spice’s location (and unique drink menu) make it the perfect spot to hang (get drunk) at while sitting out the 2+ hour wait for Ippudo‘s famous ramen.

Their drink menu boasts a number of interesting cocktails, including a Pink Lemonade Mimosa and a few scrumptious varieties of my favorite, the Mojito.  My top picks are Passion Fruit or Mango, though the Ginger Mojito is good too, and gets spicier as you drink it.

The food does smell pretty awesome too…one day I’ll try it and get back to you on that tip.  For now, the Mojitos alone are worth going for.


104 2nd Ave # B
New York, NY 10003-8314
(212) 533-8900



About katrinamauro

Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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