Torre Normanna Ristorante – Maiori, Italy

Built between 1250 and 1300 to protect the residents of the area from raiders of the sea, Torre Normanna remains the largest and oldest Norman tower on the Amalfi Coast.  Today the tower houses a restaurant and pizzeria, with cocktail space and terraces, as well as a conference room.

The seemingly obvious place to eat when you’re hotel is right across the street from this magical gem, Torre Normanna’s well preserved architecture and placement in the sea make for a perfectly romantic atmosphere.  Even during a rough storm, I enjoyed the beauty of the lightening over the water from the small window at our dinner table.

With a menu as special as it’s placement, the restaurant will continue to linger in my memory forever.  Also, the fact that the waiter didn’t see me coming will forever amuse me.  When I ordered the large lobster in the tank, his response was, “for two”.  “No,” I told him, “for me”.  After soup, caprese, ravioli, and a lobster for two, I really couldn’t help ordering the cheese platter as well.  It was so worth it!  Full as I was, I managed to fit the multiple varieties of local cheese, fresh and candied fruit, honey, and zucchini flower into my stuffed little belly.  The presentation was so beautiful I almost just wanted to photograph it, but my senses told me eating it was the best option, and it was.  To top everything off, and aid in digestion, a well needed Amalfi lemon sorbet in a waffle bowl, with fresh mint and powdered sugar.  Of course after all of that the staff also insisted on serving us cookies and chocolate with our coffee, and a shot of Limoncello, the area’s specialty, to finish.

Space rental is available for weddings and other events, but to be honest, it’s the perfect romantic dinner for two atmosphere.

Torre Normanna Ristorante

84010 Maiori Salerno, Italy
089 877 100


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