Quote | Eckhart Tolle

“Use your senses fully.  Be where you are.  Look around.  Just look, don’t interpret.  See the light, shapes, colors, textures.  Be aware of the silent presence of each thing.  Be aware of the space that allows everything to be.  Listen to the sounds; don’t judge them.  Listen to the silence underneath the sounds.  Touch something – anything – and feel and acknowledge its Being.  Observe the rhythm of your breathing; feel the air flowing in and out, feel the energy inside your body.  Allow everything to be, within and without.  Allow the “isness” of all things.  Move deeply into the Now.”

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle


About katrinamauro

Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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