Photo | Cat-nappin

Istanbul, Turkey

This little guy was found taking a cat nap on the animal fur seat cover of someone’s motorcycle just outside of a restaurant in Sultanahmet.  Quite a cozy spot, I would probably enjoy it if I were a kitten on the streets of Istanbul.


About katrinamauro

Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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3 Responses to Photo | Cat-nappin

  1. Moira Nell says:

    I think I would have done the same. It’s not like most of those cats have their own comfy homes unfortunately.

  2. Actually, many of these street cats do have it pretty nice here in Istanbul. I mean, I am constantly running across piles of cat food set out for them and homemade cat houses on the streets. If I were a cat, I might take my chances in Istanbul.

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