When the Time is Right

Photo via Luis Colon

I’m realizing that when you decide to take an extended trip the instant stigma you get is that you are running away from all of your responsibilities to chill for six months or something – like, “fuck it, I’d rather party”.

That’s not what this is.

I’m not going to up and jump on the next plane going wherever (though that could be really fun, it’s just unrealistic for me).  I fully intend to tie up loose ends, and cover the bases of what needs to happen at home while I am gone.

The reality is that I have a lot to figure out on the home-front before departure.  That being said, I think that the ideal time for me to begin my journey is next June, exactly one year from now; which in my head is plenty of time to arrange for necessary items to be taken care of.

1. Money needs to be saved.  On top of just trip expenses, there’s other things I’ll need money for.  I’m not going to sublet my apartment, that means I’ll need to have rent for the time I’m away; as well as cash to leave for cat supplies, etc.  Also, I’ll want some money to come back to…so really, I’ll need like $20,000.00 in savings before I leave.  I can do that by next June, it’s not like I’m starting from zero.

2. Because Damany will not be joining me for the duration of the trip, but meeting me here and there for shorter periods, we’ll have to plan some kind of rough schedule to do so; as well as agree on a person who will handle our household responsibilities when he cannot.  It will be hard to be apart for such an extended period.  However, they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

3. Household responsibility is something I hold a lot of as a landlord.  And, it’s not a responsibility that will disappear just because I’ve left the country.  I will still need to be fully aware of rent going into the bank and bills being paid on time every month, though I’ll probably hire a property manager to deal with any maintenance and emergencies.  Thanks to the technologically advanced civilization we live in today, none of this is that difficult to arrange.  The biggest challenge will be when I need to deal with new tenants, which is what will really decide my exact departure or return date.  I’ll have to schedule based on the leases, which shouldn’t be all to hard (I’m an awesome landlady, so tenants don’t rotate that quickly).

4. Rare Beautiful Things website is currently in the production stages.  Once the site is complete, I’ll be working to add products and their descriptions, as well as get some serious advertising under way.  Before I leave, I plan to create a comprehensive outline of how my travels can correlate to the company.  I’m thinking that videos of products we sell being made and/or me learning how to make certain products along the way could be a fun direction to keep my travels and my passion for art and collectables walking hand in hand.   Also, I’ll need to list my responsibilities for the company while away, other than be on the lookout for cool new items of course.  Working on images and posting them to the web as well as managing facebook and twitter are a few things I can handle on the road.

Photo via Luis Colon

5. I would love to monetize DOTS.connected (if only in the slightest) prior to leaving.  While I don’t expect it to pay my mortgage and all of my bills, I wouldn’t mind some extra travel funds.  I’m in the process of updating the site with a graphic designer now; once it’s up to par, I’ll push myself to interact with other bloggers more and produce content that will attract advertisers.  I find that my biggest problem as of now is coming up with creative content at home where my time is already worn thin between my job and the house.  I’m hoping that the planning stages of this trip will help to refresh my brain in that sense, as well as open up some opportunities.  We shall see.

And, go!  The clock is ticking…


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Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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