Make a Wish for Women (500 Butterflies Update)

So I found out what the butterflies are all about.  I was able to ask the brand ambassador giving out free yogurt yesterday.

Apparently Alpina has paired up with WIN (Women In Need) to raise funds for the organization.  Each butterfly represents a wish, and at the end of each week the butterflies will be released, freeing the wishes.  Other than the butterflies, Alpina will be giving out free yogurt as well as filming wishes near the display.  For every wish posted to Alpina’s facebook wall, the company will be making a donation to WIN.

Make a wish for the cause, it’s getting released on the wings of a butterfly:



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4 Responses to Make a Wish for Women (500 Butterflies Update)

  1. John M says:

    Cruel and stupid idea. They’re all crowded against the hot window, trying to get out. I feel like throwing a brick through the glass every time I go by there.

    How about they just give money to WIN, put up a sign, and cut the p.r. crap?

    Better yet, how about they put a bunch of Alpina product sample droids in that glass room, 24 hours a day for a week, one for each wish? I’d pay to see that. They’d make a lot more money for the cause.


    • says:

      The room is actually climate controlled. Temperature and humidity regulated remotely 24/7. Do your homework before you rant.

  2. katrinamauro says:

    I guess I can see your point. I thought it was a creative idea…though it would be just as cool if they brought 500 butterflies to a park once a week to be released for wishes. Though, less people would see it.

  3. Betty says:

    I think this is a fantastic and inspiring campaign. Great way for Alpina to get brand recognition and attach it to a good cause. As far as the butterflies, I think they are perfectly happy in their little window box and their time there isn’t long before being released.

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