A Walk Through Erice

Mt Erice Mt Erice (2)
Erice is located on top of Mount Erice, Sicily – approximately 750m above sea level on the islands north western coast.
Mt Erice (3)
The main church is the first sight visitors see upon walking through Erice’s gates.
Mt Erice (9) Mt Erice (10)
A climb up to the top of the church’s bell tower offers spectacular views.
Mt Erice (11) Mt Erice (12)
But remember, it’s windy at the top of the bell tower.
Mt Erice (18) Mt Erice (24)
Winding up through Erice’s narrow (and steep) brick streets interesting shops with colorful souvenirs catch the eye.  Below, an antique loom displays how local weavings were once made.
Mt Erice (27) Mt Erice (28) Mt Erice (31)
The tee shirt above is a Mafia reference…remember, we’re in Sicily.
Mt Erice (32) Mt Erice (33) Mt Erice (36)
Two castles remain in the city, one of them being used as a modern hotel.
Mt Erice (37) Mt Erice (38)
Over the edge of the cliffs, the different colors in the salt fields are clearly evident.
Mt Erice (44) Mt Erice (40) Mt Erice (41)
Looking down the mountainside next to the castle, one can almost imagine what it must have been like to spy invading forces from the guard towers.
Mt Erice (45)
Mt Erice (48) Mt Erice (49)
There’s nothing better than being serenaded by accordion while sitting in a decorative caretto Siciliano…really.
Mt Erice (50) Mt Erice (51)
While there’s much history to be found in Erice, for me the best part is the view over the mountain.
Mt Erice (53)
And what a view it is!


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4 Responses to A Walk Through Erice

  1. Grazie for the great photos! The Castello was built over a Temple that was dedicated to Venus…Can you imagine the ceremonies that took place there in ancient times…with that stunning view?

  2. katrinamauro says:

    Thanks for that tidbit about the temple to Venus Susan, I did not know that. Erice is one of my favorite places in Sicily, so relaxing and beautiful!

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