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It seems like it should be so simple, choosing seven links to fall into these categories, but its really not.  I keep seeing other bloggers spectacular posts and feeling like I can’t compare.  Which, of course, is only motivation to write better.  Maybe if I had more than a year of blogging under my belt it would be easier, I keep thinking, but then again maybe it would be more difficult.  Regardless, this project has made me think a bit more about my writing and posts, and what direction I should head in the future.  A big thanks to Katy of Starry-Eyed Travels for nominating me to take part in this seven links challenge by Tripbase, which I believe has made some kind of impact on everyone who has, and continues to, take part in the project.

My most beautiful post

Simple Pleasures

Beautiful can mean so many different things…but for me, in this instance, it means the piece which is the most well written.  This was an obvious choice for me, as I spent about two months writing and editing this story (with much help from friends); which was initially used as my entry for the Rough Guides Travel Writing Scholarship.  When I did not win the scholarship, I moved it back over to my blog, and still think it is one of my best works of writing.

My most popular post

Mt Erice (3)A Walk Through Erice

The popularity of this post is somewhat surprising to me, as for the most part it consists of photos.  I don’t go into any history or background on the place, just bring the viewer on a walk through one of my favorite towns in Sicily.  My guess is that it is the simple beauty of the area that makes this such a pleasing post.  I mean, it was actually difficult to get a bad photograph in Erice…so difficult, in fact, that I almost added the entire flickr album into the post.

My most controversial post

Welcome to the Mother Home

I certainly wouldn’t have thought that this post would be at all controversial when I wrote it…actually, I still wouldn’t have found this controversial to this day had I not gotten into a pretty serious discussion about it with a Moroccan travel agent on twitter.  The person stated that the article was “shit, just like its author”, and proceeded to tell me I was harming the children of Morocco by having this up at all.  I believe that they misunderstood the introductory quote was the words of another person with whom I couldn’t disagree more.

My most helpful post

Expanded Tips for Buying Rugs Abroad

My most recent post is one that expands on a video that I worked on with Gadling.  When Grant Martin approached me to do a quick film interview on tips for buying rugs abroad, I threw together 5 pages of information which ultimately would not fit into the 2 minute video.  This post is the extended information from that interview.

The post whose success surprised me

Bear Mountain - 1 003Bear Mountain | Fort Montgomery Trail

This is one of my most recent posts, and one who’s success immediately surprised me.  About 20 minutes after publishing there were over 200 views on it…via some kind of weird traffic flow boost from stumble upon I guess.  The number of views just continually climbed all day, which is somewhat freakish for me as of yet.   I wouldn’t have guessed myself that this pre-Inca Trail practice hike would’ve made such a big impact, but it has.  In terms of number of views, Bear Mountain’s Fort Montgomery Trail is also my most popular post, but because I just published it (and the unnatural numbers provided by stumble upon) I don’t feel as though I am really justified in calling it most popular just yet.

The post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Guatemala in a Whirlwind

This is one of my favorite adventure stories on my blog.  The energy in the writing really embodies the energy of the trip…which also embodies the high energy that the Alayna and I always seem to produce when we’re together.  My feelings are that it is probably too long to keep the interest of most blog readers, but I personally get very excited when I re-read the story…probably because it brings my right back there mentally, feeling that exhilaration all over again.

The post that I am most proud of

Profile: Alayna Nicole Wool

I’m not quite sure how many hours I sat at the computer crying as I wrote this post.  I just couldn’t stop thinking of how far Alayna and I had come since college, how proud I am of what she is doing in Guatemala, and how honored I am to be her friend…even now I’m welling up just thinking about the day I composed it.  Written as a response to the projects she was working on, or had completed, when I was visiting her in Guatemala, the aim of this post was to raise awareness for her (then current) project: Vivenda Historia.  I am proud of this post, because I am proud of Alayna, and highly impressed with her dedication to a people who truly appreciate it.

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to review the past year, as it has given me a chance to see where I came from and how I can improve.  Hopefully you (the reader) enjoyed going through these archives as much as I!  Now to pass the torch – my five nominations for the task at hand are…drumroll please:

A Wandering Sole

Kirsten Alayna Travels

Pierced Hearts and True Love

SW Graphic

World Travel for Couples


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