Good Morning Inca Trail

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

Inca Trail Morning - day 3This is the view I woke up to when I unzipped my tent on the 3rd morning of the Inca Trail trek.  The fog seemed to settle into a valley of connecting mountains during this well deserved sunrise the morning after climbing to the summit of Dead Woman’s Pass on day 2 – the most exhausting day of the journey.


About katrinamauro

Landlord in Brooklyn, antique rug dealer, food & travel junkie who loves to experience new cultures and customs. On a mission to do big things.
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3 Responses to Good Morning Inca Trail

  1. James Brandon O'Shea says:

    What a sight to wake up to. Thanks for posting.

  2. My first thought after seeing the photo and reading your first line was, “I hate you. ” Jealousy on my part. 🙂 Gorgeous shot and what a way to start the day! Thanks for sharing!

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