Smells Like Poop

Paracas, Peru

Peru - Damany5a 062

Paracas Nature Reserve, also known as “The Poor Man’s Galapagos”, is a small rocky island chain that provides a quick and cheap excursion for the animal lover to see  a plethora of birds, including penguins and pelicans, as well as sea lions lounging on the rocks.  The 2 hour boat tour does a large circle around the main island, showing off the wildlife, as well as educating the tourists about the fertilizer (that white layer on the rocks behind me) that is collected here for export.

Known as “white gold” to the Peruvians who work here, the bird poop is collected and exported (mostly to North America).   It is one of the countries more plentiful natural resources which is exported for income – and can definitely be smelled while circling the wildlife filled islands on the tour.

No need to spend the night in Paracas though, tours can also be taken from nearby Huacachina, which is only 1 hour away – and offers way more than just a quick boat tour.


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One Response to Smells Like Poop

  1. Dan Collins says:

    I’d love to see Sea Lions and Penguins in the wild!

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