Brujas de Cachiche | Lima, Peru

I’m a sucker for traditional foods, and I like to know where I ‘m going to get the best preparation of that dish before trying it if possible.  In Peru, anticucho (beef heart) was one of the country’s plates I had saved tasting, just for the visit.

While on the Inca Trail Trek, a couple in our group were telling us about this amazing place they had gone to in Lima – where the waiter told them to try the anticucho and said it was beef.  Upon finishing the meal and praising what they had just eaten, the waiter alerted them that it was actually the cow’s heart they had for dinner.  They mentioned that it was some of the best meat they had ever tasted, and that the restaurant also boasted double piscos (which were the best piscos they had tried thus far).

Immediately, I asked the name of this restaurant – already reserving the eatery as the place I would try this particular Peruvian delicacy in my head.  Damany and I were ending our trip in Lima, it would be almost 3 weeks until our arrival there, and I would not be fooled into having improperly prepared anticucho prior to it.

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Brujas de Cachiche was definitely a treat on our last day in Peru’s capital.  The interior was classy, the service was great, the piscos were doubled, and the anticucho was to die for.  Served on kebab sticks, the juices made the meat glisten.  It was the most tender piece of steak I had ever put in my mouth, and had an amazing flavor full of garlic and spice.  Liver being the only other organ I had ever tried (unless you count the guinea pig brain and eyeballs after Machu Picchu a few weeks prior), I was expecting more of a mineral flavor.  Heart, it seems, tastes just like beef – logical, knowing that it’s just a muscle, but still unexpected.

103bThe heart was so good Damany indulged with me, and didn’t even make a face.  Since we’ve been back in America we’ve tried the anticucho in other restaurants, though I’m not sure any will EVER compare with that of Brujas de Cachiche – it really was that amazing.

Brujas de Cachiche

Calle Bolognesi 472,
Miraflores, Lima, Peru
ph: 447-1133/447-1883


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