Hotel Rumi Punku – Cusco, Peru

Peru - Kat1 156 Hotel Rumi Punku is one of the gems of Cusco.  While the price  point does not place them on the scale of a luxury hotel, the services and care provided to guests sure makes one feel luxurious.  And the location is excellent, just a few blocks walk from Cusco’s Plaza de Armas.

Rumi Punku was suggested to me by Charyn Pfeuffer (@charynpfeuffer) as a decently priced nice hotel – something above the level of a hostel (a word Damany had been afraid of prior to this Peru trip).  The hotel does have more luxurious rooms, which indulge hot-tub lovers who might be interested in returning to such a treat after an intense Inca Trail trek – I would have done this had I planned to stay in Cusco for another night after the trek.

The first major win with Rumi Punku would be the airport pickup, which is included in the cost of your room.  This is a great service – being confused with cabbies, prices and directions upon entering a city with such a drastic altitude change to adjust to can be highly exhausting (and therefore dangerous for lowlanders).

Peru - Damany 065 Peru - Kat1 042

Once arrived at the hotel, the first cup of coca tea is immediately provided.  Care is taken to explain to each guest the physical affects of altitude and how to deal with them properly.  The numerous benefits of coca tea in high altitude environments are also explained.

Peru - Kat1 061 Peru - Kat1 055

Each of the rooms here open up to the courtyard.  They are simple but clean, with traditional elements of  Peruvian art and design work used well throughout.  The bathrooms are lovely – and while they may not have a large sign displayed instructing guests not to throw paper in the toilet, the rule still applies here (as it does throughout the country).

Peru - Kat1 050The doorway at the hotel’s main entrance is a work of Inca construction, flanked by stone walls imitating the same architectural period, and is considered a historic monument of Cusco by Peru’s National Institute of Culture.  The name of the hotel itself is a dedication to these basic Inca elements (Rumi meaning stone, and Punku meaning door or entrance) which make up it’s historical appeal.    The courtyard within the stone walls off the structure is alive with all kinds of flowering plants – a cozy oasis for the altitude affected guests to lounge around lazily while acclimating.

The staff was especially friendly and helpful.  Damany and I had the front desk set up a personal taxi to bring us to the Pisac textile market.  When they gave us the initial price we asked them to call back to confirm that this price was for both ways (as a group of us had gotten a van the day before to see the Maras Salt Mines, the Inca Terraces at Moray, and Chinchero for less than was quoted).  Though you may be able to find a taxi on the street for less, it is highly advised not to get into random cabs in Peru.  Having a hotel, restaurant or bar call a cab driver they know is safe to ride with is well worth an additional fee.  When getting a taxi through the hotel, the desk will charge you directly and deal with paying the company themselves.

Pisac, Textile Market

Breakfast is included in the price of rooms, laundry services are available, and unlimited amounts of free coca leaf tea is provided in the lounge – where guests may also use internet, television, or play games like chess.  Rumi Punku also boasts a spa and gym, which I did not use so cannot speak on.

Peru - Kat1 045 Peru - Kat1 041

If you are doing the Inca Trail trek, your tour will begin and end in Cusco – so be sure that you have a hotel or hostel that is willing to hold the extra bags you don’t want to trek with.  This service is available in most hospitality locations in the city, but it’s still a good idea to make sure before booking a room.

If you’re not traveling through Peru on a major budget, Rumi Punku is a reasonable option with a bit of a luxurious flare, and I highly suggest it.

Hotel Rumi Punku

Calle Choquechaca 339
Cusco, Peru
(0)84 22 1102


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2 Responses to Hotel Rumi Punku – Cusco, Peru

  1. Eric Murtaugh says:

    My wife and I just stayed at Rumi Punku back in September! Great place. We were supposed to stay at another hostel across town when we got back from Machu (and the Pisac market!), took one look at the place, and said screw it, let’s go back to Rumi.

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