Paititi – Cusco, Peru

Peru - Kat1 125 Located on the top corner of the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Paititi boasts more than a great location and decent prices.  The small interior is a bizarre meeting of classic American Diner meets heavy Inca stone, with interesting artistic elements placed about.

The extensive menu contains Peru’s delicacies that adventurous foodies come to try (such as cuy and anticucho), as well as a plethora of soups – which is a great start for any restaurant in my book.  There is a menu of lighter soups for those who’ve just arrived in the altitude ridden city, and have not yet adjusted…as well as a separate menu of more traditional Peruvian soups, better for those who have acclimated.

Peru - Kat1 136 Peru - Kat1 138

Peru - Kat1 139Everything that I tasted here was superb, and seasoned just right…not too much, and not too little…probably the reason we ate here twice during our 4 days in Cusco.

Both times Damany and I tried different soups, and both times we shared the chicken with the green rice.  I have no idea what exactly was in that rice, definitely cilantro, but there was another favor I couldn’t place which made it additively enticing…to the point that I’m still kind of dreaming of it.

map via Paititi

Restaurant Paititi

Portal Carrizos 340,
Plaza de Armas, Cusco-Perú
Phone: +51 84 252686


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