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The Physical Effects of Altitude

Natives of high altitude places (such as Peru) have larger hearts and lungs than the average person, as well as a higher red blood cell count.  These adaptations allow them to cope with the lack of oxygen, caused by the … Continue reading

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Hiking the Inca Trail with Peru Treks & Adventure

I decided to use Peru Treks to book my Inca Trail trek because it was suggested to me by Peru lover Charyn Pfeuffer (@charynpfeuffer) as the company she had heard offered the best value for your money.  My understanding is … Continue reading

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The Quintessential Llama Shot

Cusco, Peru Everyone knows they need the quintessential llama shot (or alpaca – whatever comes first, right – as long as it’s cute and fuzzy.), but it’s sometimes best to settle in and not be so excited to get one … Continue reading

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Handling Haggling in the Bazaar

If you’re going to Istanbul to shop, you’ll no doubt be doing a good amount of that shopping in the Grand Bazaar, where finding and haggling for items can be not only frustrating, but mentally and physically exhausting.  The good … Continue reading

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Packed & Ready – The Peru Checklist

I’ve been packing my bag for a while now…almost three weeks actually.  This is a habit of mine, so I’m sure I don’t forget anything – and this is the first trip I’ve taken where I needed to buy a … Continue reading

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Packing Rule #2

Packing as light as possible, while still having everything I need, has always been a goal of mine – but at the same time I like having a guidebook to aid me along the way.  While I know there is … Continue reading

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Expanded Tips for Buying Rugs Abroad

When Grant Martin of Gadling asked me if I would be interested in doing a short video interview about tips for rug buying abroad, I jumped on it.  How cool, I thought, and started writing up some points I could … Continue reading

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Packing Rule #1

Damany and I have always tried to travel light, often using one carry-on sized suitcase between the two of us, as our checked luggage.  This is the reason I put my packing method into practice, and now I can’t imagine … Continue reading

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Thermos | Making Airplaine Dinners a Thing of the Past?

As I poured the last cup of coffee out of my shiny new Thermos container almost 9 hours after it’s initial brewing, I marveled at the still hot temperature of my beverage.  The brilliance of this spectacular item would be … Continue reading

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